AIMS Benefits
Appraisal Ops

AIMS provide appraisal independence management tools to regain safe and sound business controls related to appraisal operations.

AIMS Benefits

The Appraisal Independence Management System (AIMS) is a flexible appraisal operations workflow software application that lenders use to meet and document Appraisal Independence conformity while also providing users with business control for lender specific policy structures. AIMS allows you to:

  • Reduce underwriting costs while increasing appraisal quality
  • Regain direct relationships with appraisers performing collateral valuations 
  • Define and exercise specific policies that reflect your risk/quality posture
  • Proactively demonstrate Appraisal Independence Conformity (AIR-FNMA, AIR-FHLMC, NCUA, FDIC, FHA, FFIEC, USPAP,  etc.)
  • Standardize collateral valuation operational processes across the organization's BUs/Divisions and/or needs 
  • Engage origination agents (TPO partners and LOs) into appraisal operations.
  • Optimize communications and updates with all operations partners (appraisers and origination agents)

AIMS helps lenders regain control of lender-specified policies. It also provides a new level of efficiency, transparency, and quality control that will increase investor confidence in collateral valuations. Finally, the system’s flexibility promotes quicker adoption of features to address emerging regulatory demands in the future.

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AIMSdashboard, LLC has a 30-day refund policy from date of license activation for new clients.