AIMS Features
Appraisal Ops

AIMS provide appraisal independence management tools to regain safe and sound business controls related to appraisal operations.

AIMS Features

The Appraisal Independence Management System (AIMS) is a Web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) application that facilitates a lender’s process of selecting an appraiser to develop a specific collateral valuation (or appraisal).  AIMS effectively manages and documents the appraisal request (AR) workflow from start to finish.

At the core of the AIMS application is an extensible database, AIMSdb, to support appraiser selection based on lender policies. Additionally, an array of proactive, automated audit reports provides evidence of the lender's conformity to Appraisal Independence standards, including AIR-focused compliance.

Current features of AIMS include:

  • Approved Appraiser List
  • Loan Specific Appraisal Request (AR) Workflow
  • Appraiser List Management
  • Appraiser Selection Based on Appraiser Competencies
  • Automated Selection and Cascading Through Candidate Pool (in the Event of Declines)
  • Appraiser Selection Using Manual Candidate Pool Creation
  • FHA Appraisal Independence Standards Enforcement
  • Auto Generation of Appraisal Requests and Engagement Letter
  • Appraiser Service Area Definition
  • Communication of Appraisal Assignment Conditions
  • Secure UAD/UCDP XML File Transport
  • Multiple Appraisals Requests
  • Exception Handling
  • Configurable User Types
  • Redacted Dashboard - Loan Production Staff access
  • Processing Dashboard - Non-Loan Production staff (configurable full) access
  • ePortal Access for Branch Office and TPO networks
  • TPO Authorization (Granted by Lender)
  • Users are Configured to Match the Role Within the Workflow
  • Proactive Certificate with Audited Events: Milestones in the ARC
  • Weekly Audit Report of Appraiser List Edits
  • Appraiser Administered Specialized Competencies and Profile Info
  • Coverage Report
  • Appraiser AR Acceptance Questionnaire

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AIMSdashboard, LLC has a 30-day refund policy from date of license activation for new clients.